The peculiar mask

by jcgoilo

A peculiar mask was found deep in a rainforest, in between vines, creepers and age old trees with trunks so wide they could house a house. The hunters who by accident found this mask, brought it back to the village, where elders observed it with a patient care only possible when endowed by long conversations with ancestors. At times their eyes sparked. At times they were lost in translation. But after three days or so, they gathered the whole village for a meeting. The elders explained that this mask is very powerful. It provides you endless rejuvenation of the spirit, that is if you dare to wear it. They also said that it is not the only mask in the rainforest. Ancestors mold every leaf that falls from an elephant ear plant into a mask. The proces takes about five million sunrises, so the masks can only be found underground, underneath all that is forgotten after all that is forgotten.

Hunters became mask gatherers and soon started selling the masks to the village. Now that the peculiar masks became a marketable good dollar signs magnetically found their way to the village. The village transformed into a town in a matter of weeks. The town transformed into a city in a matter of months. The story of the powers of these peculiar masks sold like the winter collections at Macy’s. Raggity clothes and village gowns were thrown away. Business men were now there to stay. All natural resources were used to heighten the myth of the mask. The rainforest near the village transformed into a natural park, and every elephant tree was surrounded by markets and museums. Every week their were activities, in which foreigners can learn about the application of the mask. Performances of salivating people in trance combined with purifying ceremonies where candles emulate the dance of ancestors became prestigious theater pieces visited by people all over the world. It was all possible as long as dollars entered the post-village city and masks left.

A blessing and a curse is transversed. The masks were selling too quickly, quicker than the elephant trees can produce. Every mask took a potential life full of wonder from the village. The minds of the villagers now turned city dwellers grew old and dry as limestones. And eventhough their pockets grew heavy and their stomachs full, their souls were ageing. No price could pay for a new soul, their youth was fading. And soon enough imagination lost. And without imagination hearts came to frost. But the sun was too strong in town, so every heart melted.  Slowly but surely death was eminent. And death does not play fair, but neither do marketable goods.