Somewhere between the oons

by jcgoilo

Somewhere between
Quadroon, Octoroon
Quintroon, Decihexoon
Triacontadidoon, Hexaconta
Kunta kente all the way back to
Calling me a baboon?
Somewhere between
I’ve been mingling for many moons
So many moons
I can’t remember who made this balloon
Bubbles burst like a confused teen pimple
Life long puberty
Somewhere between
A small Brazilian owl with a beetle face
A Mexican wolf dessert gaze
An emasculated mule, dual
A Taino black bird
Samba dances
Somewhere between
White satin cloth
Black raggity sloth
And the cheap brown knot
All caught by the sun pillage
Worn out, forgotten glories
Somewhere between
Human and animal
A descent hidden and flammable
Tame and wild
Sainted and radical
Can’t speak any body language
Named like dinosaurs
Mixticius, sounding almost fallicious
Survived and alive an kicking
Still misfed, left for dead
Wise and cunning
Still blind and misled
Somewhere between
Somewhere between
Somewhere between
Somewhere between
The oons