My name is Juan-Carlos (1983), but most people just call me JC or Kalito. I was born and raised on Curaçao, but have lived over a decade amongst the wonders of  the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam is my home base, but Curaçao will forever remain the soil that gave comfort to all the diasporic strings that gave birth to me.

I am currently playwrighting & directing plays, performing and working on my first literary publication. However, this blog is a separate project to keep my ideas flowing. Now more than ever I realize the potential internet has in the distribution of ideas. Blogs are places where truth, fiction, conspiracy theories and science meet. I wish to only find my unique place through this abundance of words and imagination. Enjoy my poems, prose, short stories and social/political/cultural criticism.

This page is trilingual:
I write in English and
Ook in het Nederlands en
Tambe den Papiamentu.

All publications on this page are protected under the Dutch copyright law. Please approach me on jcgoilo[at]gmail.com if you would like to use a sentence or two.